Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am an RN and have a professional life as a nurse educator for Mott Community College. I also have had a private healing practice for the past 13 years. I recall my friends husband responding to my initial idea to open a Reiki (and other energy modalities)practice..."Who would come?" he asked as he wrinkled up his face. "Someone will," was my immediate response. Since then many, many someones have come from all walks of life...now adding up to many hundreds of someones. For those who wish, we open our energy session with a moment of silence where the client is given an opportunity to "call in their healer"to assist with the treatment. Over time I find out people call on such figures as their guardian angels, grandparents, Jesus....but the most often called upon figure is Mary, the Blessed Mother. This no longer surprises me-it seems she is a universal mother and as my yoga teacher pointed out,"Everyone needs a mother." One such powerful-unforgetable session is one I wrote about- I was certain Mary actually came to assist. I am an every day person with no more psycic gifts or special healing talents than you-please read, "Apparition of the Blessed Mother," in my ebook ordered on www.sharonbaker.net -it is in both books-"Healing With Hands" and also "Miracles From Mars." I am certain this account and others will leave you with a new perspective! Happy reading, Sharon sbakerhealer@aol.com

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Books

Amethystrse and Others, If you find energy healing interesting and would like to read more science, facts, medical-vs holistic healing experiences please order my books-"Healing With Hands," or Miracles From Mars" get on my website-www.sharonbaker.net. These books will capture your total attention and keep you turning the pages-I promise! Looking forward to more comments! Thanks so much, Sharon Baker
Thanks for you interest, Amethystrse. I appreciate it! Sharon

Friday, July 8, 2011


Intention is a big word in energy healing. Way back, the Yogi's said intention was like a living thing. It has been recorded that they actually did self surgery -removed or dissolved a sick part inside themselves with the power of their mind and their intention. Pretty impressive! Today science is getting closer to realizing there is an actual field around one's ideas-one day we will find out just what that field is made of. How are you using this power in your life? Please comment. Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Samiksha, Thanks for the comment. Energy modalities are most interesting-and so many classes out there to take. Everyone with intention and desire has a natural ability to help another person heal. Best wishes in your path to enlightenment. Sharon

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rapid Imaging( cycling) and healing hands

Studies have been done at Queens College Dept of Biology for hundreds of mice with cancer. Initially 100% of all mice died from mammary cancer. Countless experiments have been done where college students place their hands on sick mice (cages) and simultaniously image over and overand see the mice well or healed. Never happening before-20-90% of mice now live-completely recover with this technique. Possibly healing energy is projected from hands and the rapid imaging is like sending an email or an electrical stimulus to jump starting immunity. We need to follow with human studies----isn't it about time to start?? I am doing this in my private practice for a woman with ovarian cancer-she is only in a 5% category to live-and beat this disease. She is entering her 6th year and cancer free. We are glad we use the energy and imaging process. Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Treating Cancer Patients with Reiki

An interesting 2 year study was done at Univ of Connecticut /Dept of Surgery regarding healing with hands therapy, Therapeutic Touch. Very similar to Reiki, the study showed sweeping a patients energy field twice a week for just two weeks stimulated the growth of healthy skin, tendon and bone. Human touch has the capacity to affect cell growth and stimulate healing potential. This therapy did not stimulate sick cell, cancer to grow-in fact it decreased abnormal growth. This study will be supportive for us Reiki therapists who treat people with cancer-we are good for them! Blessings, Sharon