Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's definately ancient

A few months ago I was able to go on a most awesome trip-to the interior of Alaska. An incredible event took place in the tundra, just 200 miles south of the Arctic Circle where our bus trip concluded and came to a halt. There on Inspiration Point I was able to speak with an Athabaskan Inuit about her tribe's views on "healing with Hands"or energy healing. As a golden eagle flew over our heads, she confirmed that they have been healing with hands for thousands of years-- it is revered and valued work. She verified what I had read...healing with hands is ancient and the oldest form of healing known to human kind. Has anyone read or witnessed other cultures using Reiki or related techniques? Please comment.

Reiki is awesome

Reiki is definately an important part of my life-how about you?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Energy From God, What I Believe

All energy therapies are important to me, but I am most passionate about Reiki. What differentiates Reiki from other energy therapies is its strong spiritual component. I approach Reiki from its sacred place and consider it with true reverence. Reiki is not a religion; it has no religious philosophy or dogma. It complements all religions without being connected to one. Personally, I (and many others) view Reiki as “Energy from God.” This spiritual energy, God’s gift to us, is accessible to all human beings at any time; we are its conduits. There is an unending abundance of this universal “chi” in the trees, the sky, the earth, and all living things. As the Reiki practitioner taps into our Source, then places his/her hands on a client, this energy quickly passes through him/her and into the receiver. Many say it is a privilege to be an instrument for Reiki energy, and I agree. Since we do not produce it, but simply channel it, we are not drained from providing treatments.
The energy exchange is perfect between the client and God and does not require our micromanagement for an exact outcome. The body has its own innate intelligence and draws this potent and available energy in as it needs to. The giver also receives healing benefits from providing a treatment. The whole Reiki concept is divine in nature, powerful, and flawless.

Tell me your thought on Reiki and how you feel it helps your life and those around you.