Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why blog?

It seems like the world needs us healers now more than ever. The economy, weather changes and gulf disaster all need distance healing and who better than we who are present, aware and passionate? Let's support one another on our special journey and communicate through Reiki blog sites. I welcome your comments on how we can help our planet and each other. Blessings to you . Sharon

Monday, July 12, 2010

Guest Blogger Alice Langholt

We are pleased to have with us Alice Langholt. Alice comes to us with years of Reiki and other energy healing experience. We are so happy to have her join us. We have her guest article posted. Alice is looking forward to answering your questions and addressing your comments. Everyone that comments will be entered to win a basket of great books. Winner will be chosen at random by Winner will be notified via email July 20th.


Reiki Modality Soup

There are a vast number of different Reiki modalities available for the practitioner. It can become confusing to decide which to learn, and many of them claim to be "the best" or "the strongest" or "the easiest" Reiki method to learn. There are also people who have learned one type who look down on those who use a different style of Reiki for their healing work. I want to address both here.

First, why so many Reiki methods, and how does one decide? Like food, different Reiki methods appeal to different people. Some people prefer structure and ritual. The people who fall into that category would gravitate toward methods that use symbols and hand positions, because the specific directions in what to do will give them comfort and they can then follow the directions and learn to feel the energy flowing as they do. With the question of "what do I do" out of the way, they are confident and able then to relax and experience the energy. Other people are intimidated by the idea of having to draw or learn complex symbols or a set of hand positions, and instead would like to have a simple way to turn on the energy and put their hands wherever it makes sense to them. The people who fall into this category would gravitate towards a more intuitive form of Reiki, such as Kundalini Reiki, which uses no symbols or structured hand positions. Other people may feel strongly connected to angels, and so a Reiki modality that specifically works with angels would be appealing to them. And so forth.

Is it wrong or right to choose one method over another? That's like asking if it's wrong or right to eat oranges instead of bananas. It's a matter of preference, but both are nutritional and satisfying. Reiki is a method of guiding Life Force Energy using energetic methods. The energy is the same, and the method is the tool. Therefore, the only way to judge which is better is to get a sense of what works best for YOU as the practitioner. Arguing over which method is better than another is like arguing over which food is the "best" food. No one food is the best - one may just be your favorite. It might not be mine. Having a number of different Reiki methods to use can give you a way to choose which you prefer, or perhaps you already know yourself well enough to get a sense of they way you would like to work with energy. In either case, choosing a Reiki method is a personal choice and not "wrong" or "right" in a moral sense, but just fitting or not as fitting to your personal way of sensing and comfortably working with energy. I invite you to try different Reiki modalities and see which feels best to you. But don't do it all at once - learn one well. Take the time to work with it daily. Try all of the ways this method teaches you to use the energy on yourself and others. Get very familiar with it. Then learn another style and experience the difference. You can compare once you have experience working with one over another. You can combine Reiki methods during a healing session if you feel guided to do so. Reiki is not one way of channeling healing. It is very personal and intuitive, and the most important thing to know, regardless of what Reiki method you use, is that INTENTION is the driver for the energy. If you intend that a symbol directs the energy in a certain way, it will do that. If you intend that your words will direct the energy in a certain way, it will follow your words as directions. If you intend that your hands are directing energy to a person's head to relieve the pain of a headache, the energy will respond to that intention.

All who mindfully work with Reiki energy to help others and themselves are making the world better. Knowing this and honoring all who live this way, is truly living in a way that honors the practice.

Blessings on your Reiki journey! Thank you for sharing the light in the unique and wonderful way you do.
Alice Langholt, RMT

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Compassion and Intention

I find it so interesting that compassion and intention alone can stimulate change in the clients body. World famous Canadian healer, Bernard Grad, repaired rye grass seeds and healed mice with no formal treatment-- just compassion and intention. I have sent the 2 both distance and on the body. Does anyone else use the same? What do you see happening? I appreciate your comments. Blessings to all.