Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rapid Imaging( cycling) and healing hands

Studies have been done at Queens College Dept of Biology for hundreds of mice with cancer. Initially 100% of all mice died from mammary cancer. Countless experiments have been done where college students place their hands on sick mice (cages) and simultaniously image over and overand see the mice well or healed. Never happening before-20-90% of mice now live-completely recover with this technique. Possibly healing energy is projected from hands and the rapid imaging is like sending an email or an electrical stimulus to jump starting immunity. We need to follow with human studies----isn't it about time to start?? I am doing this in my private practice for a woman with ovarian cancer-she is only in a 5% category to live-and beat this disease. She is entering her 6th year and cancer free. We are glad we use the energy and imaging process. Blessings, Sharon


  1. Very interesting--love to hear more about the methodology of the study. It was also very heartening to read about your client's progress.

  2. EM, The ovarian client is still in remission. We are very happy! If you are interested in rapid imaging and energy work-get William Bengston "Hands on Healing" from sounds true-1 800 333 9185. My new ebook will be out "Miracles From Mars" it is a must read histor and science of energy healing and fascinating personal sessions. Thank you for writing. Sharon

  3. Hi... My first visit to your place.... indeed we share our interests... just that I m stil, a new babe... and you a senior here :)