Monday, August 23, 2010

Speaking my truth-disappointment in Western Medicine

As a seasoned RN and Reiki Master I had hopes Western Medicine would soon embrace complimentary medicine, especially Reiki and related. But as time goes on, I find this acceptance is very slow in American Hospitals. I am going to speak my mind and I hope there are folks out there who support me. Dr Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist, has shown documented proof Western Medicine is the #1 killer in America-killing more than any major disease. Death is due to MRSA (hospital based infection), medical errors and side effect of drugs(100,000 a year reported). Just think if we had 100, 000 deaths in plane crashes annually would anyone get on a plane?? Just last week a cousin of mine announced she has breast cancer. She spoke of her treatment-chemo, radiation and surgery as if a wart was being removed from her finger. No problem-it will all be fixed by general medicine shortly. In shock, I asked her if Reiki or related was in her agenda...absolutely not! No need for such nonsence.
Personaally, I would immediately include a healing modality for myself if such a situation occurred. Cancer Centers of America, a holistic minded group, not only provides Reiki in the hospital but asks patients to get Reiki at home. Reiki works to help the whole body-reduces stress, reduces pain, promotes wound healing and can bring blood levels to normal in many documented cases. So whats taking America so long to embrace Reiki as vital to health? What are your thoughts on this topic?

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