Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Additional Modalities

Although Reiki is my favorite energy therapy, I also practice Esoteric Healing. I just took advanced level 5. What other modalities besides Reiki do you practice? Which do you find beneficial and why.


  1. I practice different Reiki modalities, especially Kundalini Reiki, and also have learned Quantum Touch, which I sometimes add in during a session. The QT techniques can help increase the feel and flow of the energy. Combining techniques and having an assorted energy toolbox I think can help one make a wider range of intuitive decisions which help strengthen intention during a healing session. Intention is the first important part of Reiki, I think. Looking forward to hosting your book blog tour next week, Sharon!
    Many blessings, Alice

  2. Thanks for your input, Alice. I use Quantum Touch also and agree it increases the flow of chi. The use of other energy modalities can help us with intuition and the whole healing process as well. The vast realm of energy therapies is so fascinating! I look forward to being a guest on your site-you are doing a great job there! Sharon